Hello World!

Hello World!

So here it is, another WordPress blog. This time it’s about 3D graphics!

Some time ago I wrote a deferred renderer with MonoGame which I used as a playground where I could implement and test different algorithms and techniques used in computergraphics.

At this point in time the list of implemented techniques and features of the deferred renderer is as follows:

  • Directional Lights
  • Spotlights
  • Projective Lights
  • Point Lights
  • Capsule Lights
  • Variance Shadow Mapping (VSM)
  • Exponential Shadow Mapping (ESM)
  • Dual Paraboloid Variance Shadow Mapping (DPVSM)
  • Particles
  • Soft Particles
  • Bloom
  • Depth of Field (DOF)
  • Fog
  • Exponential Fog / Height Fog
  • Lens Flare
  • Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (SSAO)
  • Screen Space Reflection (SSR)
  • Scene Fringe
  • Vignetting
  • Parallax Occlusion Mapping (POM)
  • Distortion
  • XBR
  • Linear Depth
  • Keyframe Animation
  • Glass / Distortion Effect
  • Camera Shake
  • Stereoscopic Rendering
  • Sky Box
  • Debug Shape Rendering
  • GUI
  • Water Effect
  • Fade Scene
  • Dot Effect
  • Gray Scale
  • Median Filter
  • Night Vision Effect
  • Deferred Screen Space Decals (DSSD)
  • Gamma Correction
  • HDR
  • Tone Mapping
  • Gizmo for uniform and non-uniform scaling, rotation and translation for the entities in the scene (models, lights, etc…)
  • Linear depth

Up to this point I did not document the development process. Not sure if I am going to start this now but the first step has been taken. This blog is setup and ready. So there is a chance now that it will eventually get filled with hopefully interesting and usefull topics around 3D graphics and game development.

Feel free to suggest topics you want to read about in the comments!

Also this is my first WordPress page so if you have any tips for a better fitting theme or anything let me know!

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  1. Paphos

    Looks like impressive stuff ! =) Do you plan to release it in open source one day ?

    1. Kwyrky3D

      If there is enough interest and I find enough time maybe, but no plans at the moment for that. What topics are you interested in the most?

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